F-Mon is to monitor and guard the normal operation of windows server professional tool software, real-time display of communication with the server of each IP address traffic, statistics access to the server's unique IP number, IP geography distribution, monitoring program operation, file monitoring and guardianing, server performance, Windows event monitoring, etc. , all-round display of server operation status, so that the server's operation has become transparent.

F-Mon Description Free License
System Status CPU/memory usage monitoring, hard disk capacity, disk read and write monitoring, etc
Performance Index Analysis Intelligent analysis of server performance, original component performance index, direct positioning performance bottlenecks.
Process Monitoring Details of all server programs that consume resources, including CPU, memory, disk IO, network connectivity, etc.
Network Connection Server port connection, including connected process name, process ID, remote IP, port, remote IP geographic location, etc.
TCP Diagnosis Monitoring network TCP connection quality, statistical connection error rate, monitoring the occurrence of TCP reconnection, TCP retranslation of IP address, help to analyze network failure. 30 Days
IP Flow Access all IP traffic to the server, process network traffic, IP geographic location, IP history, location of abnormal IP addresses. Server traffic statistics report, IP geographic location statistics, unique IP statistics 30 Days
File Monitoring And Protection Monitor server file changes, guard website files, and prevent tampering. 30 Days


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Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista
Windows Server 2008 and later versions.
Support GeoLite2 IP database. Display IP location by English,Chinese,Japanese,French and other languages.

Important statement:
F-Mon server monitor software is developed by OneAbies Software Studio and owns the copyright. No person or organization may make any modifications to the Software, nor shall they reverse engineer, reverse compile, and reverse compile the Software Products.