F-Mon Server Monitor

F-Mon is a Windows server auditing and resource usage monitoring software

F-Mon allows you to view in real-time which IP addresses are accessing your website or application, the network traffic bytes and network speed of each IP address, as well as geographic location information, the number of unique IP addresses, and geographic distribution statistics of IP network traffic. The file guarding function makes it easy to locate the position of uploaded files and identify modified or deleted files. F-Mon records the creation, modification, and deletion of files in specified directories, and displays which files have been created, modified, or deleted. You can set up monitoring for critical directories to protect them, automatically delete newly created files, or automatically restore tampered files using previously backed-up files.F-Mon provides intelligent performance index analysis through built-in professional algorithms, evaluating performance data from aspects such as CPU, memory, hard disk, network, etc. It can analyze where the server is experiencing bottlenecks and how to respond.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com.


1. Real-time monitoring of IP-based network traffic, accurately locating the internal and external IP addresses that consume traffic.
2. Real-time statistics of website and application system traffic, generating statistical reports on traffic and new IP addresses.
3. Server auditing, detailed logging of Windows events, program start/exit, file changes, network IP address changes, and records of all IP addresses accessing the server.
4. Process monitoring, monitoring process execution, automatically restarting when a specified process exits.
5. File monitoring, monitoring file creation and modification, and automatically restoring tampered files.
6. Real-time performance monitoring, including CPU, memory, network cards, processes, network connections, disk IO, and disk capacity usage.
7. Intelligent performance index analysis, built-in expert algorithms analyze real-time performance data and display server performance bottlenecks clearly.


Server system status information:
Server Internet IP, CPU, memory utilization, hard disk real-time read and write rate, use space, network card real-time rate.
The system information

Server Performance Index:
Intelligently analyze server performance metrics to assess server performance bottlenecks.
Performance index chart

Server IP network flow:
Show every IP traffic and geographic location of the current access server in real time.
IP traffic chart

Server Network traffic IP statistics:
Real-time IP traffic by geographic distribution, time period, flexible custom statistics.
IP Statistics

Configure the monitoring of files and processes:
F-Mon can monitor process startup, exit, file creation, modification and deletion.